Irish shop design – How to

This tutorial iwill help you create a website like our Irish Shop

If you have chosen this design when you registered your website, all you have to do is to Change the content of the existing pages, and to remove or change the products in your shop. And you will have to make some changes on your theme settings, as per below.

If you want to have this theme for your existing website, in to your Dashboard, go to Appearance -> Design (from the left menu), choose GridMarket and click “Activate”

After activating your Gridmarket theme, your website will look like this.


Quite empty and messy, I’d say. But you need just a few minutes to customize it.


First, click on Appearance and then on Theme Option, on the left menu.



Now, let’s start working on our brand new shop.

Type of header


You can choose between Text, Custom Header or Logo and the Site Title


For the sake of this example, we will skip the header ad – But just in case, you can always use html to add a custom ad in the header of the website.


Next step is to add Google Analytics – We totally recommend that. You will be able to track your visitors, your referrals, what and how they are doing on your website. If you need help with Analytics you can always contact us at – we are certified in Google Analytics.


Nest step – Footer text or code. If you want to use links, you will need to add html code. The code should be like <a href=http://your-link-here>Name</a>

I suggest you to leave it as it is, since you will have automatically generated the Copyright, and you also have the link to the top of your website. But, if you want a different code, is up to you to just change it.


Now comes one of the most interesting settings of your website: Theme specific styling

This theme comes with preset colour styles. You can choose your style in seconds. And you can have a new style every day!


Not liking a built-in one? No problem. Just pick a base style and then use the color pickers to create a new one.


At the bottom of the settings page you have links to set up menus, add widgets, pages or posts. Don’t forget to save your settings before clicking on these links. To learn how to set up menus, widgets, posts, pages, just watch the video tutorials.


Is now time to activate our shop add-on.


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