MarketPress Tutorial – Add Your First Product

Everything related to MarketPress can be found under the Products tab. To add your first product to your MarketPress site:

1. Go to Products > Create New.

2. Add your Product name and description of product.

3. Assign your product categories and product tags.

4. Click on Set featured image, upload / select existing image, and click Use as featured image.

You can also upload additional images via Additional Product Images module.

5. Complete your Product Details information by adding your Stock Keeping Unit number, Price, Sale Price (Optional), number in stock and select Inventory if you want to limit sales to items in stock only..

You can add variations to the products if you want to offer different options to the product. Just click the Add Variation link, add the Variation names, Stock Keeping unit number, price and quantity.

If you just want to link this product to another site, you can add an external URL to the External Link module. When set this overrides the purchase button with a link to your URL. This is ideal to link to songs/albums in itunes or another site (such as Amazon) with your own affiliate links.

You can also add a special tax rate to the product. Simply tick the Special Tax Rate option and enter your tax percentage.

6. Complete the extra Shipping costs if the product needs extra allowance made for shipping.

7. Upload your file if your product includes a file that your customer downloads.

8. (optional) Change the color setting of the product page. Please note that any changes made here will only effect this particular product. Please use the settings in Theme Options Panel if you want to change the color settings of all the product pages.

You can also enable comments in the product page by ticking the Enable Comments option. Do make sure you also tick the allow comments option under Discussion module.

9. Finally, click the Publish button to save and publish the product.


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