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Change template of site

  • I want to change the template of my new site, I choose one at the start but don’t want to use it now.

    Can you, please, open a ticket from your dashboard, and a developer will assist you with that.

    Thank you

    Hi I did not select a rerstaurnat template, I typed in Recruitment and it went from there, How do I cancel this.

    Hi @jackiecostello – unfortunately we don’t have, at the moment, any Recruitment templates, but most of the existing ones are suitable for a recruitment website.
    The names used for templates are generic, and only based on the images we used when building the template. The Restaurant template could easily be used for a real estate website, or, why not, a Recruitment website. Same with all the other templates – it’s only the layout that matters.
    All you have to do is change the title, from restaurant to Recruitment, replace the images with your own, and add your text/other content.

    If you need any help, our developers are always here to help. Just send us the content for 2-3 pages, and we can build it for you. You will always have the control over those pages and make any changes you want.

    Please let us know if you have any other question.
    Thank you

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