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Images and Photo Galleries

  • Image

    Add an image to your site. Just drag-and-drop the element where you would like to display an image. The element box will prompt you to add a new image. You can then upload a new file or choose an existing image from your media gallery.

    Dimensions will display in the top-left corner so you can resize resize your image to your desired height and width. If you hover over the image, further options for cropping, linking and adding a caption will display, as well as image settings for adding alt text. Clicking the crop option will also give you the option to change and replace the current image.

    Image Crop


    The gallery elements allows you to display, well, a gallery.

    Once you’ve added your images, there are lots of options for basic styling in the element settings.

    Label sorting: When turned on, a “tag” icon will appear in the settings for each individual image. When you add labels to your images, they will then display at the top of the gallery.
    Thumbnail Ratio: Choose from one of the three default ratios (1:1, 2:3 or 4:3) or stick with your theme’s default ratio.
    Thumbnail Size: Drag the range slider to adjust the size of your images. Dimensions will display below so you can keep your sizes in check.
    Thumbnail Padding: Drag the slider again to adjust the padding between images. If you check “Even padding” underneath, Editor will automatically add the same padding around all images in the gallery.
    Caption Settings: Add captions over images, under images or not at all.

    To re-order the images, switch the “On/Off” button underneath the settings cog to “On” and then click and drag them where you like. When switched off, you can move the images around.

    Gallery element

    Like the Image element, there are settings for individual gallery images so you can replace and crop them. You can also link to other posts, pages or sites, or even larger versions or a lightbox.

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