Adding a new page to your website

Let’s say that you want to add a new page to your site. The first thing we should do is press the New Page icon at the top of the Toolbox Sidebar.

Create a new page

When you press this button, it creates a new draft page that you can make any changes to. With our new page open, our Page Settings gives you the option to rename your Page Title and url.

Page with default title and url

You can (and should) rename your page with a relevant title, for example ‘Contact Page’. You should also rename the page under the url string (our web builder will automatically add dashes to your url).

Changing title and url of a page

Editing the content on this new page is exactly the same as on any other page, you use the drag and drop functions to create any content and layout that you wish. You can now Publish your page by pressing the blue Publish button, or you can just save it as a draft if you are unsure that the world is ready to see it yet.

Sidebar with Publish button

When you press the Posts/Pages button again you should see a Homepage Icon and below that your new page, in this example called Contact Page. This menu is a handy way to navigate between pages that you are editing. So, if we want to go back and make a change to the homepage we just hover over it and we will see a little T icon (Edit Page)

List of existing pages

And we will be brought back to our Homepage.

Always remember to SAVE YOUR WORK!!