Basics – The Menu

A menu can contain internal and external links, but also Anchor links (linking to content on the same page) or links to emails.
There are different ways to edit the menu. If you only want to edit one item of the menu, or make small changes, then you can use the editor directly onto the menu.
If you want to make more complex changes, the best way is to use Menu’s settings by clicking on the Settings gear icon of the menu.

Creating a menu from scratch:

1. Drag the Menu element from the left sidebar, from the draggable elements
2. Add a name to your menu and click Create New
3. On the new created element, click the gear icon for Settings.
The Menu’s settings will open on the left sidebar.
4. Click on Add Item, to add the first element of your menu. A “New Item” with “No Link”
5. Click on the new Item – to see the options for it
6. Edit New Item’s label and select what type of link you want it to be
7. Repeat the steps above for each item you want to add in the menu.