Changing the background of a region

Each page has multiple sections, which can have their own Background. This Background can have a number of properties, for example, it can be a solid colour, an image and so on.

If you want to edit the background of any section, just right-click and choose Edit Background. In the Settings Panel on the left hand of the screen, we will be given a number of options. These include whether to keep the background 100% wide (full-screen) or Contained (narrower than full-screen).

We can also change the Background Type, and we have a number of options.

change background region website

With the Solid Colour option selected we can change the colour using the Region BG colour panel.

If we select Image we will be given the option to Browse and upload a background image. This image can be Tiled, Fixed, or used as a Parallax. Parallax means that it will appear to be moving behind the other background planes. The best way to understand it is to try it out yourself. Click on the Parallax option and play with the X and Y sliders and then on the work page scroll up and down and see how it feels.

We can also use a Video as a background (the Video Format must be mp4 or WebM, and there is a 1MB limit on file size). Browse and upload your video as you would an image file. Once uploaded you have control over whether the video runs in a loop, starts automatically (autoplay), and whether it is muted. We can also crop the video in a number of ways.

We can choose to have an Image Slider as a background. With Image Slider selected we will be prompted to upload the images as described above. Once the images are uploaded we have a number of options on how they will be displayed:

Slider Transition: You can set the transition style here, for example by selecting Slide Down, the images will transition by sliding down the page rather than across.

Under Show Controls you can set the user control to Dots, Arrows, or Both. You can also decide whether you want the controls to be visible or to only appear with a mouse hover.

Auto-rotate: You can set the rotation duration here, the default is 5 seconds

Under Slide Order you can change the order in which your images will appear.

The last Background type is called Map. If we select Map a Google map will automatically appear as the Background. Enter an address in the type-box provided and click the little ‘refresh’ button reload. The Map will automatically update to centre on the address. You can then Zoom in or out, choose your Map Style and Map Controls, and show a Map marker. (The Use Custom Map Code option is an advanced option, and will be covered elsewhere).