Your Colours, Your Style! Creating a styling Pre-set Tutorial

Each template comes with styling pre-sets. But what if you want all your links in the website to be blue? Or the text to be dark brown? Presets allow you to save and re-use styling for any element across your website.

In order to create a preset, select the Element that we want to create a pre-set for. In our example we are making a Text pre-set.

Press the Settings icon. This opens the Toolbox Sidebar on the left of the work page. Under Appearance, we are given the option to Choose or Create Pre-set. Click the list and we are given the option to write in the name of our new pre-set, you can type any name you like, then click Add.

You have now created your pre-set. You are free to style the pre-set in a number of different ways. The first option we have is Colours. Making a change here will change the background to the text. Just click in the Content Area box and you will be given an RGB colour box, you can select from millions of possible colours.

In the same manner, you can change the Border Colour, Style and Thickness (measured in pixels). You can also change the Typeface, the Weight/Style of the text, and what HTML element it will be applied to.

You can also change the Text Size (measured in pixels), and the Line Height, and of course, the Colour of the Text

You can see all of your changes in real time as you make them, making the process very efficient. Once you are happy press Ok to save your changes. You now have a custom text pre-set that can be applied to any text area on any page of your website. If you want to apply your pre-set to a new Element, just select the Element Region, press the Settings icon, and under Appearance, scroll the Dropdown Menu and select your pre-set by name.

If you need to make changes to an individual element that already has a preset, select the text that you want to alter, and make the changes by right-clicking and pressing Edit Text, or by double or triple clicking the text and making changes to the formatting there. Remember, the pre-set is like the foundation, and the formatting is like adding cosmetic touches on top.