The Text Element (Editing Text)

The Text Element works on the same drag-and-drop principle as all the other elements. Simply drag the Element from the Toolbox Sidebar and drop it where you want on the work page.

To Select and Edit Text, we hover the mouse over the text and double-click to select a word, or triple-click to select a full paragraph. With our text selected we are presented with a number of icons above the text.

The first icon is called the Type Element [insert symbol]. This icon is used to determine which HTML Heading and Paragraph Elements will be used by the text. So, for example the main heading for your page should be designated as Heading One (in HTML terms, H1), the first sub-heading should be designated Heading Two (H2) and so on, and ordinary paragraph text should be designated Paragraph (P).

Other icons on the list are more like on a standard text editor. They include the options to make the text Bold, to Italicize your text, and Text Alignment (left, centre, right).

You also have the option to create Bullet Points, and create a Blockquote. You can also create any type of Hyperlink or Anchor Link [insert icon and link], you can choose the Colour of the text, and you can add Icons from a pre-determined list .

Ideally you should do your main editing using this method. However, you can go further by selecting the Settings Cog icon in the top left of the text region. This will open up the Settings Panel on the left of the work-space. Here you can make further changes to the text, create Pre-sets, and do more advanced formatting to the selected region. Follow this link to find out more.