How to create a blog post / blog article

In order to create your first blog post click on New Post, on the left sidebar

The Editor will direct you to a new created blog post, with no content in it.
On the image below:
1. Add/Change the title of the new post
2. Add/Change the url for the new post. You don’t have to add dashes “–“, they will be added automatically.
3. If you have a featured image for the post, you can add it there. (Keep in mind, the orientation of the image should be landscape and not portrait).
4. If you don’t have and don’t need a featured image, you could just delete that element. You will still be able to add images onto your post***.
5. Add the content of your blog post. DO NOT drag a text element, just add the content there.

If you want to add an image in your post, just hit enter. The icon of an image placeholder will appear. Click on it to add an image, or just continue writing, if you don’t want an image to be added.

If you click on the icon, you’ll be given the option to add an image, a video or to embed code (like maps, Vimeo, Spotify embed code)

When your article is ready, just click Publish! If you don’t want to publish the article just yet, click Save Draft. All the work will be saved but the article won’t be visible to your visitors until you click Publish.

*** By deleting the featured image, you are changing the layout of the blog page. When you’ll save or publish your article, you will be asked if you want to change the layout of this specific page alone, or of the entire website. If you plan to add featured images to other posts, our recommendation is to only save the new layout for this post.