Swapping an Existing Image

To swap an existing image we start by selecting our current image on the page. (You’ll notice that our image dimensions are shown in pixels in the bottom right).

On the top right, we can see a number of dialogue symbols. Press the ‘…’ More symbol.

Click More

This will drop down a prompt box, and here we press the Swap Image symbol.

Swap Image

Here we will be asked to Upload File or Browse Media (See below). Select Upload File. Choose your desired file and press Open. Your file will now upload to your page. Note: You can also drag and drop files directly from source.

Upload File screen

You can resize your image by pulling or pushing on the yellow bar on the bottom left, and you can reposition the image by selecting and moving it with the mouse. When you are happy with where it is placed just click outside the work area.

Resize Image

If you need to make changes just press the ‘…’ More option again, but select the Crop tool this time, and you can adjust the image as described above. When you are finished just press the green OK button.

Crop Tool

Please note: try to keep your image files smaller rather than larger. There is a maximum file size of 1mb per file, this is to ensure that your page(s) load at the desired speed.

Browse Media

When an image is uploaded for use it remains available for use, even if you change your mind about it. If we follow the steps outlined above as far as Uploading File, we also have the option to Browse Media.
Brose media files

Pressing this button will bring you to a gallery of all your uploaded files, and you can select any one you want.

Browse Gallery

If you have a large number of files uploaded you are given the option of searching by name, and you can also filter by file type.