The Facebook Like Box Element

The Like Box Element allows you to add a link to your business or project Facebook page. [insert icon here]

Just drag and drop the Like Box Element on to the work page. You will be prompted to enter your Facebook Page URL. To do this open Facebook in a separate browser window and find the page that you want to link to. Copy the URL of the page by selecting the address at the top of the browser window and pressing ‘ctrl + c’ on your keyboard. Go back to your web builder and click in the prompt box and on your keyboard press ‘ctrl + v’ to paste in the address. Press Go and your chosen page will appear.

By selecting the Settings Cog icon we can make a number of changes. First of all, we can change the Facebook URL in the top type-box.

Second, we can select to Show Friends Faces (their Facebook avatars) on the Element.

We can also change the size of the Header, we can Hide the Cover Photo and we can choose to show the Facebook page posts.

This Element only works with Facebook.