The Photo Gallery Element

The Gallery Element allows you to display a gallery of images. Drag-and-drop the Gallery Element icon to where you want it on the work space. You will be given two options, either to show a larger image (when image is clicked) or to go to a linked page (also when the image is clicked).

For this example, we will choose Show Larger Image (because we can always add links later if we need to). We will be given the option to Add Images, just click the button and either upload new images or browse previously uploaded files.

Once you’ve added your images, you can re-order them by switching the “On/Off” button underneath the Settings Cog toOn” [insert icon here] and then click and drag them where you like. When switched off, you can move the images around (?).

Like the Image Element, there are settings for individual gallery images so you can replace and crop them. You can also link to other posts, pages or sites, or even larger versions or a lightbox.


There are further options for basic styling in the Element Settings Panel which we will explore below.

Thumbnail Ratio: Choose from one of the three default ratios (1:1, 2:3 or 4:3) or stick with your theme’s default ratio.

Thumbnail Size: Drag the range slider to adjust the size of your images. Dimensions will display below so you can keep your sizes in check.

Label sorting: When turned on, a “tag” icon will appear in the settings for each individual image. When you add labels to your images, they will then display at the top of the gallery.

Thumbnail Padding (Thumbnail Spacing): Drag the slider again to adjust the padding between images. If you check “Even padding” underneath, WebElite Editor will automatically add the same padding around all images in the gallery.