The Slider Element

The Slider Element is a great feature if you want to display a number of representative images of your business or project. It is essentially an embedded ‘screen’ which displays a number of user chosen images in rotation.

Create the Slider by dragging and dropping the element icon on to the work-space. We are presented with a number of options.

Slider options website builder

We can choose the Default Option for now because we can always change it later in the Settings Panel. On clicking the Choose Images button we can navigate to the image files that we want, and choose as many as we like. Once they upload you should resize the slider for optimum viewing. The default doesn’t automatically slide the images but leaves that option open to the website visitor to move to the next image using the Arrow Buttons.

If you want to make changes you can do this using the Settings Panel, accessed by clicking the Settings Cog icon on the top-right of the selected slider region. Here we are given a large number of options, most of which are self-explanatory, but we will run through them here in brief:

Auto-rotate: You can set the rotation duration here; the default is 5 seconds.

Slider Transition: You can set the transition style here, for example by selecting Slide Down, the images will transition by sliding down the page rather than across.

Under Slider Controls you can set the user control to Buttons, Arrows, or Both. You can also decide whether you want the controls to be visible or to only appear with a mouse hover.

Under Slide Order you can change the order in which your images will appear.

Under Appearance, you can change some important settings, such as if and where you can add captions to your images. And under Colours, you can add a background colour to your caption.