YouTube element

Whether you want to add just one video or a list of videos, the YouTube element does it all.

When you drag and drop the YouTube Element, it will prompt you to enter a YouTube URL. To do this, open YouTube in a separate browser window and search for the video you want to upload. When you have found it, you can access the URL in the topmost panel of your web browser window. Typically, it should look something like this To copy the URL just select all of it, and on your keyboard press ‘ctrl + c’. Next, go back to your web builder and press inside the prompt box. On your keyboard press ‘ctrl + v’ and this will paste in your URL. Click Go and like magic your chosen video will appear.

Youtube element website builder

Inside your General Settings you can choose whether or not to have the video play automatically when the page loads, and you can also set the video to Loop.

If you want to add one or more videos just press the Add Another Video button. Following the above method just copy and paste the second YouTube URL into the provided type-box.

Youtube settings website builder

When you click on Add Another Video you will see further options for organising your thumbnails at the top of the settings panel. You can display your thumbnails as a Gallery or as a List. You also have control over the size of the thumbnails.

Youtube ad another video website builder